Publish in our blog

Update 11.11.2022: At the moment we only accept proposals via inner channels.

You can offer your own texts and other content (e.g. poems, videos or cartoons) to be published in the blog by sending the material to blogi at The material must match the values of Elokapina.

Further details:

  • In general, all material goes through an editing process. In other words, a text, for example, is commented upon for the purpose of developing or refining it further. The comments and development ideas are not an indication of poor quality. Instead, we wish to help the authors to produce well-integrated texts and express themselves in an understandable manner.
  • The blog editors will check for spelling and grammar.
  • The guideline for the length of a text blog is 0.5-1.5 pages. However, we have occasionally published also longer texts.
  • Texts or other materials are mainly published under the author’s own name. In exceptional cases (certain impersonal texts), we may consider publishing the material directly under Elokapina. If the content is very sensitive, it may be possible to publish it under a pseudonym.
  • For the time being, blogs may be published in Finnish, Swedish and English.